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Des Bains Beach

des bainsLying in front the Hotel Des Bains, a true icon of the early 1900’s, described by Thomas Mann in his “Death in Venice”, this beach is a very elegant place where history and tradition get along with a dynamic present. The beach huts with their picturesque thatched roofs are peculiar to this stretch of the seacoast and enhance the quaint and relaxing atmosphere of a fascinating location.

For infos: SAB's Office Tel. (+39) 041.2716808

Quattro Fontane Beach

quattro fontaneSmart, young and dynamic. These are the adjectives to describe the Quattro Fontane beach in a snapshot. It’s a place where you can relax in a vivacious atmosphere where tradition and the novelties of our own times merge in a supremely fi ne mix. In this famous and historic bathing establishment, you can have some unforgettable holiday experiences marked by a lot of fun.

For infos: SAB's Office Tel. (+39) 041.2716862

Excelsior Beach

excelsiorThe refined beach huts dressed with white curtains, lying on the golden sand just in front of the Hotel Excelsior, meeting point for movie stars and centre-stage personages in the history of the last century, give life to one of the most exclusive bathing establishments in the world. On this beach, where elegance and quality of services are at the very top, you can relax in a peerless context, chosen by famous directors as a set for their movies, and from time immemorial a renowned and favorite sea resort.

For infos: SAB's Office Tel. (+39) 041.2716836