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Books on the beach 2010

Books on the beach, summer 2010


''Books on the beach'', launched in the summer 2009 in collaboration with ''Granviale Editori'' and with the patronage of the Venice Lido Municipality to promote reading and cultural events, has now achieved a wide audience, seeing the involvement of writers and artists in the suggestive space of ''La Pagoda'' by the Des Bains beach. The literature appointments, this year, have led writers, poets, critics and personalities from the art and publishing world to meet and talk with those people who still have passion and interest for reading. Appointments are every Thursday at 18:00 from 17 June to 9 September at "La Pagoda" by the Des Bains Beach, in front to the coast that inspired Thomas Mann in 1934.
Free entrance.

Press release is available in the ''multimedia'' website section.


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