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Books and publications

For all those people who, fascinated by the beauty of Venice Lido and its Lagoon, they wanted to go deeper into the historical and cultural information of the ''Golden Island'', it is possible to consult publications and books specially prepared.

100 spiagge da vedere nella vita - 100 beaches to see in life

The beaches of the Lido of Venice were mentioned in a work dedicated to lovers of the sea and nature, an illustrated book to browse for travel with your eyes and mind in the 100 most beautiful beaches in the world, the coasts that everyone should see at least once in life selected by the most accredited travelers, journalists and Italian photographers. 100 pristine beaches or fashion, to visit to discover the seas and coasts where boating, explore the seabed, have fun. This book, dedicated to the beaches seen as magical vacation destination, was produced by GIST (Italian Group of Tourist Press), an association of about 250 Italian journalists specialized in tourism and travel reporting.

Year 2010 - Rizzoli Editore:  www.rizzoli.rcslibri.corriere.it

100 spiagge da vedere nella vita

Venice’s Lido beaches

le spiagge del lidoThe book presents the evolution of the bathing establishments of Venice Lido in the history, from the early twentieth century to today. The publication contains pictures, mostly unpublished. The texts are bilingual: Italian - English.

Granviale Editori

Venice's Lido beaches

Islands of the Venetian Lagoon

isole della lagunaThis book is the fourth publication of the series "Guide fotografiche aeree" (Aerial Photography Guides). The pictures were mainly taken from planes and helicopters. This enables an overall view of the sites that is generally impossible with traditional photography from the ground. In brief, the book provides a geographic/photographic map with the most meaningful information and, thanks to the internet, in a form which allows for practically unlimited consultation. Arturo Colamussi Engineer, freelance Professor at the Department of Engineering, University of Bologna, has long cooperated in the research and development of various solutions for protecting the historic centers of the Venetian Lagoon from high waters. From several years now he has made a great commitment to the production of a series of aerial photography guides based on an original concept.

Endeavour Editore: www.endeavoureditore.it

Lido and Pellestrina

A tour guide to the two major islands of southern Venetian Lagoon

lido e pellestrinaThe guide wants to be a professional pocket help about the two major islands of the southern Venetian Lagoon. It contains history and traditions, festivals, fairs and events. Routes on foot, by bike, by boat to discover the Liberty style, the beaches, dams and embankments, the natural oasis, the area of San Nicoletto, old forts, Malamocco, Alberoni, Portosecco, San Pietro in Volta, Pellestrina and Ca' Roman. A pocket guide, complete, divided by theme and accompanied by numerous color photographs, maps, information on local restaurants and events. The texts are bilingual: Italian - English

Edizioni Grafiche Vianello srl - Vianello Libri

Venice Lido, today and in the history

oggi e nella storiaThe book is basically an historical guide, designed for tourists and for those people who are sentimentally attached to this island. The publication, consisting of 480 pages, contains about a thousand pictures, mostly unpublished. The work was printed in July 2007 with a circulation of 5,000 copies. The texts are bilingual: Italian - English.

Edizioni Atiesse